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Hi everyone, I stopped playing VFK and now play MyVirtualKingdom (MVK) so this site will no longer be updated.

I recommend you check out too! Thanks for reading.



One of the most frequent questions that I’ve been asked is how to get free items/credits. There are plenty of “dailies” around VFK which you can do that gives you credits and items.

NPC’s (Non Playable Characters) : NPC’s give free credits out once a day! In order to get them, find an NPC and say “please“, “please” again, and “thank you“. The following is a list of NPC’s and their location:

Miss Claira – Victorian Age, Autumn Imports – 100 credits
Mr. Ned – Western Age, Inside Livery Stable – 50 credits
Mr. Smith – Western Age, Western Mercantile – 50 credits
Miss Solaria – Space Age, Galactic Trading Post – 50 credits
Miss Leila – Splashtastic, Tiki Tropics – 50 credits

Victorian Map and Mansion Mazes: The 2 Victorian Mazes are a great way to get items. You receive an item every hour, and they usually retire after a month which makes them rare to trade!

To get to the Victorian Map Maze , go to the Victorian Map. You’ll see a maze on the bottom-left of the map. Walk over to the exit of it to play. To get to the Victorian Mansion Maze, go to to the Victorian Mansion, which is the giant house on the map. Once inside, go through the bottom-door to enter the maze!

HOST Events: HOST Events are games that the VFK Staff create. If you win the game, you receive a rare item. There is usually a HOST event every day. Check the Event Calendar, which is located on the MENU button, for information. You can also ask other players if there is a surprise event.

Quests: Playing quests is the quickest and easiest way to get credits and pins for free. By doing all the Epic Quests, you can receive up to 56,000 credits! A new quest is available every Sunday, and is only available until Tuesday. Do these quests because their prizes become rare! New quests are also available on most holidays.

Mini-games: Playing Mini-games is a fun way to earn credits too. Here are the locations of all the mini-games in VFK:


1. Audubon Wildlife Adventure – Western Age
2. Fourth of July Fireworks – Victorian Age

3. The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow – Victorian Age
4. Checkers – Western Age (upstairs in the Mercantile)
5. Laser Tag – Space Age
6. Space Pirates – Space Age
7. Night Fighters – Space Age
8. Crossword Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar
9. Word Search Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar
10. Sudoku Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar

Updating the Site!

When I created this website in October 2008, I had no idea how popular this blog would become. I realize how many people have been neglected of help since I was too lazy to update it.

I am currently in the process of adding ALL Epic Quest Answers. To see what I currently finished, look at the top of the page.

Your helpful guide around the kingdom:

– virtualfamilykingdomcheats




2.Go to Stonehenge and tell everyone “I am fairy size”
3.A Mid summer night’s dream
4.Go to the Sydney Opera House and say. “When does the Shakespeare play start?”
5.Witches in MacBeth and Ghosts in Hamlet (Thanks TDB i didn’t get the full answer
6.Go to the third aussie outback room and say, “Hey, Mimis, what’s for dinner?”
8.go around to the back of the Opera House. Once there, say “Tell me a Dreamtime story.”
9.Swan river
10.go to the fountain at the castle entrance and stand next to the fountain. Say “Come here, nice little water sprite, I won’t hurt you.”

11.A Naid
12.Go to the Victorian park and say “Magical fairy wings will let me fly”
13.A Rabbits foot
14.Go to the Blacksmith shop in the Medieval Age and say “Fairies mill their grain at night. I saw them with my own eyes!”
16.Once you reach the Round Table Room, say “Fairy world!”
17.Press countinue to finish the quest!!

1. Snake..
2. Go to the ship on the map and say “Welcome aboard the Firedrake”
4. Go to the cave next to Ned Kelly’s hideout and shout into the opening. “Hey, dragon, are you in there?”
6.Go to midievel age and say “You are a very good dragon!”
7.That he should come to the kingdom
8.Go to the Medieval castle gate and say “to the terror of the heathen beyond the sea.”
9.A dragon
10.Go to Merlin’s magic square and say. “I want to be small and invisible, please.”
11.Press continue to finish the quest!

1. The King James Bible
2. Go to Merlin’s Magical Square and say, “Has anyone seen a unicorn?”
3.The first choice
4.Go to the first room of the Australian Outback and look for a sleeping unicorn. Say “Someone said I could find a Blessing Of Unicorns here.”
5. Unicorn Horns were thought to neutralize poisions.
6. Go to Stonehenge and say “Unicorns rock!”
7. Pomegranate Tree
8. Go to the Marshalls Office and say “Sheriff, have you seen any unicorns recently?”
9. The animal does not eat at all but absorbs energy through the sun.
10. Go to your garden and say, “They were pure fire, unruly, wild, truly not of this world.”
11. Press continue to finish the quest!!
6.Go to Round Table room in the Medieval age and say “Have you seen my mirror and comb?”
7.Lure sailors under the water to there death
8.go to the waterfall and say. “Are any Sea People down there?”
9.King Crabs
10.Go to Merlin’s magical square and ask “Has anyone seen a merman who can lift a curse?”
11.Press continue to finish the quest!

1.A midge quarter plate
2. the dark forest room in Audubon’s Wildlife Adventure, and say “Gnomes are awesome!”
3.Elsie and I saw faires we didn’t see them back in africa it must be to hot for them there
4. Go to the U.S. Marshall’s office and say “That’s our story, Marshall!”
5.the second 1
6.The Victorian Store Front and say: “I want to buy some more film for my camera!”
7. Sir Arthur!!
8. Go to the last room of the Sydney Opera House in Australia and say “What Snelling doesn’t know about faked photography isn’t worth knowing!”
9.Yes the the girls took 2 more pictures of the faires
10.Go to Merlin’s Magic Shop and say, “She did not take any flying after all.”
11.The very very long 1 (the first)
12.Go to the zoo room in Australia and say “I believe in fairies!”
13.Press continue to finish!!


Go to your FX tabs, double click it to wear it, and click your character and double-click the pin to activate it! You should also receive a fairy room to access fairy world!!!

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VFK First Thanksgiving Quest!

7:00 AM Pacific Time to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Thanksgiving Day, November 27th, 2008


The Pilgrims settled in Plymouth because after searching diligently, they found the location to offer many positive features. Plymouth had an outstanding and safe harbor. The river provided excellent fishing and their Native American neighbors, the Wampanoag, were a peaceful group and did not prove to be dangerous to them. In today’s Thanksgiving Day Quest, we will look at the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the New World!

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the Wood Cook Stove!



VFK First Thanksgiving Quest!

The first 20 to finish with the fastest times:

1. YoshiRaptor   1:46
2. SwanPrincess   1:46
3. TikiTycoon   2:42
4. curiouswildstars   2:43
5. Horse   2:49
6. originalme   3:24
7. Avatarsyd   3:39
9. MellowMoz   3:49
10. ShadowofRiku   3:51
11. Hungry_Garfield   3:52
12. dustybunniy   3:58
13. QueenLepeka   4:40
14. Tomorrow   4:46
15. Roo   4:51
16. moonpool   5:04
17. CutiePie   5:58
18. gameboy   6:10
19. Sniddle   6:12
20. MyHorseAwesome   6:19
21. Kanga   6:31


VFK Pilgrim History Part III Quest!

7:00 AM Pacific Time Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday, November 24th, 2008.


Safe at anchor in Cape Cod Bay, having escaped persecution in England and finally safe from the hazards of the ocean deep, the Pilgrims had many reasons to give thanks. They had drafted and accepted the Mayflower Compact and the next task was to set foot on the “land of promise.” Our quest today explores the stories surrounding the Pilgrims’ first months in their new home and all the different events which prompted them to collect together for “Thanksgiving.” Inspired by their faith and their desire for freedom, the Pilgrims forged a place for themselves and their children in the New World.

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the Real Pilgrim Rock!



VFK Pilgrim History Part III Quest!

The first 20 to finish with the fastest times:

1. SwanPrincess   2:19
2. Dragon_Slayer   2:43
3. FusiaLittleWater   4:22
4. Roo   4:43
5. RedFireBlaze   4:57
6. iamabigdisfan   4:57
7. StrawberryGirl   5:01
8. snshine   5:04
9. Merit   5:25
10. Queelea   5:40
11. AceVirtualGirl   5:58
12. DiamondGirl   6:00
13. Shelby_animalgirl   6:21
14. ExtremeScarySky   6:43
15. Lukerzman   6:48
16. mickeyplutofan   7:01
17. Monkey   7:28
18. MellowMoz   7:49
19. Jjredfire   8:04
20. pinkpanda   9:12

Television Quest Spoilers!

You will be surprised to learn some of the interesting facts of the history of television!
The LCD Super Television and 1,000 credits is the award for completing the quest!
This quest will start at 7:00 PM Pacific Time!

Big Television

Big Television


1. Selenium
2. Go to victorian park and say ” Who really invented the television?
3. Using “arrays of transparent tubes”
4. Go to the Victorian crossroads and say the name of this play. Say “The Man with the Flower” Thanks to hawk: Just for everyone’s edification, the “Victorian
crossroads” is actually the “Corner of Balla St.” room in the Victorian
Era map, but they don’t tell you that! 😀
5. Radiovision
6. Go to King Arthur’s Round table room and say what people thought of televised images at the time. Say “It is amazing!”
7. The mechanical televison one
8. Go to Stonehenge and say “I see a rainbow.”

Stylish Oak Kitchen!

November 17th, 2008

Just in time for preparing your Thanksgiving dinner and entertaining guests, the Stylish Oak Kitchen will be available in the Land Office at Noon (12:00 PM) Pacific Time today.

Autumn Leaves!

November 16th, 2008

With the advent of the fall season, the leaves are turning to red and orange and gold!

Autumn leaves enchantment will be arriving in Merlin’s shop this afternoon, watch for in-game announcement!

VFK Pilgrim History Part II Quest!

7:00 AM Pacific Time Sunday, November 16th, 2008 to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday, November 17th, 2008.

The Pilgrims made their two month arduous journey across the Atlantic fleeing religious persecution only to find themselves in an area far north of their intended destination, out of supplies and on the edge of winter. Our Pilgrim history quest today explores the story of what the Pilgrims did once they reached America, but before they truly settled into their new home.

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and an Autumn Leaf Divider!

VFK Pilgrim History Part II Quest!

The first 16 to finish with the fastest times:

2. Gsterg 4:09
3. Aceboy_Alex 4:13
4. greatmeyay 4:25
5. JoyArlene 5:33
6. Roo 5:43
7. iamabigdisfan 5:58
8. Tomorrow 6:03
9. tracksunnygirl 6:10
10. Cindi-Lu 6:21
11. TikiTycoon 6:37
12. KatiaKat 6:48
13. CuteStarPluto 7:19
14. CaptHolly 7:39
15. cutiemorgan 7:45
16. dewella 8:10

VFK Veterans Day Quest!

7:00 AM Pacific Time Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Veterans Day, or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world is an annual holiday to honor military veterans.

In the United States, Veterans Day is recognized as a holiday on both the federal level and the state level and is observed on November 11th. On your quest today, we will explore the history of this special day.

We want to say a special thank you to all the military personnel, past and present and their families who have served our country with such dedication to protect our homes and our freedom!

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the Veterans Day Remembrance Pin!

VFK Veterans Day Quest!

The first 12 to finish with the fastest times:

2. Dark_Flower 3:10
3. Prosperity 3:15
4. MellowMoz 3:19
5. Danny 3:31
6. Roo 3:43
7. iamabigdisfan 3:58
8. CuteStarPluto 4:13
9. cutegymnist 4:58
10. MGMT 5:16
11. Lime_Green_Crayon 5:52
12. AquaMagicLime 6:36

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Didn’t post in a long time! I will put new things up now!

Trading Clothes!

October 12th, 2008


Many clothing items will be tradable beginning at Noon (Pacific Time).



It will also be possible to sell some of the clothes back to the stores, the resale value will be set at one half of the original price. This is done to reduce the potential for unfair trades.

Watch for the in-game announcement!